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This web site is intended to assist you in locating results for your specific research needs. It is NOT intended for browsing through lists of broad topics. When you use the Live Roots search, it will access two key resources: the Live Roots catalog and the Live Roots index. The results we be presented under the headings Surname Results and Resource Results.

In addition to the Live Roots Search shown above, you may access real-time search results from the Live Roots partner websites!


About Live Roots Search

Keyword(s) may be anything you are looking for. Some examples include topics (federal census, insurance claims), locations (lowndes, alabama), organizations (masons, university of michigan, orphanages) or even businesses (fire department, bar association)

To search for a resource by title, enter the title within double quotes.

Not sure what to search for? Read the getting started guide for MORE SEARCH TIPS

Surname Results

Based on the keywords you enter, the search engine will check to see if any of them are surnames. For any surnames it finds, it will check the following three surname-based resources: (1) the Live Roots index, which contains names indexed from a variety of resources in the catalog; (2) the Transcribed Ephemera collection from Genealogy Today, which includes such free collections as the Funeral Card Images and WW2 War Ration Books; and (3) the Subscription Data service called Family Tree Connection, which contains information transcribed from a variety of smaller resources.

After you complete a surname search and click one of the surname result links, you will have the option to narrow the search by first name, year and/or location.

Resource Results

The search engine will compare the keywords you enter to the thousands of resources in the Live Roots catalog. These resources include such things as online transcriptions, books available for purchase, cemetery listings, offline resources and a wide range of web site pages. The search will compare the keywords to those in the titles and descriptions of the resource listing. This search does NOT search the records within the resources unless they have been included in the Live Roots index mentioned above.


Check if a Resource is Already Cataloged