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Resource Results

The search engine will compare the keywords you enter to the thousands of resources in the Live Roots catalog. These resources include such things as online transcriptions, books available for purchase, cemetery listings, offline resources and a wide range of web site pages. The search will compare the keywords to those in the titles and descriptions of the resource listing. This search does NOT search the records within the resources unless they have been included in the Live Roots index mentioned above.

Search Expressions

The search engine does not currently support search expressions (and/or/not). The search performs a combination of 'and/or' logic, displaying the 'and' results first, followed by the 'or' results.

Result Sorting

The results in this section are sorted based on the number of keyword matches. Within groups of the same number of matches, the results are sorted by their accessibility (i.e. online vs. offline), and also the likelihood of relevance (i.e. databases & books vs. unreviewed web pages).