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Launched in October 2008, Live Roots is an information resource that helps people locate genealogical data, wherever it may be stored. While the site incorporates functionality of mainstream search engines and/or specialized link directories, the concept behind Live Roots was to transcend some of the inherit limitations of these existing resources in a vertical space like genealogy. This project will address two issues: how to guide researchers towards finding the most accurate information, and helping researchers manage their genealogical budgets better by highlighting where the same information may be available for less (or no) cost. Live Roots was developed by Genealogy Today LLC, a privately-held company headquartered in New Providence, New Jersey.

So, to summarize the two major points of distinction. First, there is the "roots" advantage: Live Roots lets you conduct a variety of searches across the catalogs from hundreds of different data providers and publishers all at once and with the most up-to-date versions of their catalog listings. And second, there is the "live" advantage: the same searches you conduct will include resources that you may obtain information from with the assistance of a live person that you commission for a nominal fee.