Free Genealogy Resource Guide

Who said genealogists can't get stuff for free? Not me, that's for sure. I spent a couple of hours on the Web and was able to catalog over 70 useful resources that can not only save you time, but also money (of course, as they're all free).

The list includes places where you can download free charts, forms, and software. There are also sites that offer free online courses in genealogy, some that offer free web hosting services for your family tree. Others offer online calculators and other helpful guides.

* You are permitted to download this .PDF file, share it via email and/or post it to other websites. You may NOT, however, make any modifications to the file, including converting it to other formats.

Free Trials at Database Sites

Many of the major commercial database sites have special offers, which may provide you with free access to for a limited period. For the latest offers from each of the following databases sites, click and look for the "CURRENT OFFER" link.

Free Forms and Databases at

The FamilySearch website also offers an excellent array of free forms:

To see the free databases available from FamilySearch, visit: