Heads-Up Display for Second Life

Heads-Up Display for Second Life

Genealogists have been flocking to Second Life, and now Genealogy Today LLC is proud to announce the first genealogy HUD (heads-up display) for Second Life residents. This new genealogy HUD allows Second Life residents to seamlessly access many of the Live Roots features from their Second Life chat window.

A heads-up display (HUD) in Second Life is a type of object that you "wear" but rather than working like a piece of clothing, the HUD attaches itself to one of eight HUD locations. A HUD is like a controller board that appears only to you -- other residents won't see it. The Live Roots genealogy HUD attaches itself to the center bottom location, and when first worn will display the version number of the object.

Talking to the Genealogy HUD

You should be familiar with the Local Chat window, where your public conversations with other Second Life residents appear. This is also known as Channel 0, however, many objects communicate on different channel numbers. The genealogy HUD has been programmed to listen for your commands on channel 721. You many change this to any other channel, including channel 0 (if you so desire). To change the channel, issue the command "/721 ={channel}" where you replace {channel} with the channel number you would like the genealogy HUD to listen on. Keep in mind, if you select channel 0, other residents in chat range will see your interactions with the genealogy HUD.

To issue a command to the genealogy HUD, type a slash ("/") followed by the channel number, a space and then the command. For example, "/721 Version()" will instruct the HUD to tell you the version number.

Genealogy HUD Commands

The Live Roots genealogy HUD supports a variety of commands. These commands have a structured syntax and it is important that you follow this syntax exactly, otherwise errors will occur and you will not receive the expected results.

Local Commands

These commands are local to the Second Life environment, and do not access the Live Roots remote server.

Remote Commands

These commands will contact the Live Roots remote server for information. Many of the menu options on LiveRoots.com have corresponding commands in the HUD.

The responses from remote commands will appear in the Local Chat window, however, only you will see them. If you want other residents that are within chat range to see what your last remote command response, issue the Share() command. Beginning with version 1.06, the results are numbered to allow for more precise sharing/keeping.

Command Macros

To simplify the use of the HUD commands, many can be issued in a less rigid format.

Managing a Surname List

The HUD allows you to maintain a list of the surnames you are researching, and then compare that list with other HUD owners automatically for possible matches.

Managing a Favorites List

The HUD allows you to maintain a list of the resources you are would like to frequently asking. In order to share a resource from your favorites, you must first issue a "K?" command.

Backup/Restore are provided in the event that you plan to upgrade the Genealogy HUD. When an upgrade occurs, you lose any information entered into the HUD. Backup before the upgrade, and then Restore into the new version.

*The other residents are informed if any of your surnames match theirs, and they may chose to discuss their research with you, and/or respond with a Compare() request so you will see they match yours.

Upgrading the Genealogy HUD

While we will periodically update the Genealogy HUD, you will only need to obtain a newer version if additional local commands are added. Any remote commands that are added, are automatically accessible from any version of the Genealogy HUD.

Version 1.07 was released on 16/Apr/2009.

Version 1.06 was released on 22/Mar/2009.

Version 1.05 was released on 11/Mar/2009.

Version 1.04 was released on 03/Mar/2009 - This was the first release shared with other SL residents.