Genealogy HUD 1.06 Release Notes

Here is a list of the changes implemented in this version:

  1. The Schedule() local command was removed.
  2. The Calendar() local command was added to be more consistent with SL.
  3. The Share() local command was modified to be more precise (see notes below)
  4. The K+, K-, K? local commands were added to store links to favorite resources. (see notes below)
  5. The RSS() local command was added to repost the last remote command results.
  6. The Backup()/Restore() commands now also handle the favorites list.
  7. The RSS() remote command was added to display Blog headlines.
  8. The Surname list is now sorted.

About the Sharing/Keeping: When you issue a remote command, the results will now be numbered ([#1], [#2], etc.), allowing you to be more precise with the items you wish to share and/or "keep" to your list of favorites.

The share the fourth item in the results, you would say "/721 SH #4". To add the third item in the results to your favorites list, you would say "/721 K+ #3".

In order to share your favorites, you must first issue a "K?" command.