Genealogy HUD 1.05 Release Notes

Here is a list of the changes implemented in this version:

  1. The About() local command was added to display a getting started notecard.
  2. The Private() local command was added to control sharing of the Surname List.
  3. The Repeat() local command was removed.
  4. The Results() local command was added to repost the last remote command results.
  5. The Settings() local command was added to show the various options and their values
  6. The Stealth() local command was added to control whether other SL residents can see that you're wearing the HUD.
  7. The GO(*) local commands were replaced by Jump().
  8. The Backup()/Restore() commands now handle both settings and the surname list.
  9. The Jump() remote command was added to locate/teleport to any genealogy area in SL. Returns a clickable SLURL. Example, Jump("Just") or Go Just
  10. The Verify() remote command was removed.
  11. The Version() command was modified to also request the remote version.
  12. The GO macro was added to simplify Jump().
  13. The N* macro was added to allow an easy way to issue a search() on your surnames.
  14. This version will automatically issue a restore() when you attach it for the first time.

About the Stealth/Private settings: I am working on functions that will allow the HUD to periodically poll to see if anyone within chat range is wearing the HUD, and if so, issue a request to compare surname lists. These settings will allow you to control whether you wish to participate in this feature.